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Alexis Q

“I’ve used Seattle Royal a couple times and have some trips coming up and will use them again. Guri is my favorite and he has a great personality, very professionally dressed, kind and a great driver & business owner. I feel they are very communicative and have outstanding service. Most importantly I feel safe when I’m riding in their vehicles. I deal with anxiety on the road sometimes, and to be in a car with someone who drives safely is worth the money in itself. I’ve already told everybody at work about them and I’m looking forward to sharing their information with clients of mine that are in town traveling. I think it’s important to show support for a company that’s great,  by sharing positive experiences via word of mouth. My mother actually discovered them when visiting me over the summer. She was raving about Guri. So when we flew to Portland a few months later we made sure to book with them. We travel frequently, so I’m looking forward to our next trip next month! 100% recommend. I would not pick any other company”

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